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i remember a while back you owned a scooter of sorts and seemed pretty into it? as someone who is finally trying to leave chester county in hopes of moving to philly, would you say that's a viable option for transportation? or should i stick to making my way on foot and taking the subway?


It was a moped, not a scooter but yes, I did have one about a year ago. I loved it but eventually got a van and realized I wasn’t using the moped much so I sold it with the plan to buy another one again in the future. I think it’s a great way to get around Philly. I barely ever use public transportation.


@perryshall’s giant ice cream sculpture🍦#perrywuzhere (at Little Baby’s Ice Cream)


i wish #perrywuzhere @perryshall 😢 (at Little Baby’s Ice Cream)


#Perrywuzhere (at Little Baby’s Ice Cream)


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Have you ever worn an article of clothing that smelled weird before you put it on? I wanna know because I don't wanna be alone.


Many times yes. So bad sometimes haha but I try to wash it first!

Last chance to see my baby in action at Little Baby’s Ice Cream World Headquarters. All the art including the giant ice cream cone are for sale. Let me know if you’re interested in anything. For now, go there and take pictures like this but without the ugly guy in it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL REUBENS! Thanks for hanging out on my arm for the rest of my life!

Back to the DRAWING board. Get it? …because I’m drawing.

As some of you may know, over the past year I’ve been trying to make art my full time job. It has not been easy but I am very close to making this a reality that will allow me to live comfortably… eventually. This week my computer died and it’s very expensive to fix. I use it for every art job I have and it is very crucial for me to get this working or get a new one. If you went to www.perryshall.com/store and bought something, it’d be a huge help AND I’ll throw a drawing in each order. Thanks <3 tell your friends.

Angry Guy, watch out!
By Perry Shall

Stopped by @littlebabysic to visit my baby. (at Little Baby’s Ice Cream)

By Perry Shall

I’m losing my mind. How does one get inspired to “make art”?

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